Jonas Kamber

UX/UI Designer

I create and simplify interfaces of complex, cross-plattform applications. I typically work as a freelancer within teams of product managers and developers.

I worked with Ricardo on many projects. From purely visual tasks (e.g., a new category icon set) to simplifying complex user interfaces—in collaboration with dynamic teams of inhouse and freelance designers, developers and product owners.
I supported Tamedia on different strategic projects, for example on guidelines for user accounts (for Homegate, 20 Minuten, and Doodle). The result: checklists which help the employees in the different companies to rethink and improve their current user flows.
ValueTime is a tool for freelancers to keep track of their business numbers. I have developed it all by myself so far – front to back. Although I’m not going to offer my programming skills to clients, I believe it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of technology when designing great UX concepts.

Since 1998

I published the first website for a client 20 years ago. After my studies in design, I spent seven years as interaction designer and art director at leading web agencies, and four years as co-founder at a startup.

On your team

I follow a very simple process: I work remotely, but as part of your team and show you everything I do. This way, you won’t simply get an output after I’m done, but you’re in control and can steer the direction.

Efficient work flow

Your investment will be put towards an efficient work flow with direct communication. I work with hand sketches, rapid prototyping and advanced visual design tools.

What clients say

« His hand overs are always exemplary and our dev team wishes to only work with him in the future! »

Karin Müller

Karin Müller

CSS Versicherungen

« I very much enjoyed working with Jonas in the past. I learned a lot from him and it shaped the way I think about design and products today. »

Dominik Grolimund

Dominik Grolimund


« I can fully recommend Jonas for any project that dares to keep pace with its speed and quality. »

Dr. Benjamin Freuler

Benjamin Freuler


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