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Interaction Design Silp Landingpage

Co-Founder & Product Manager

More than 7 million people worldwide have signed up for Silp to get informed about job opportunities. Our user growth is viral – focus on conversion in the sign up flow lets each user invite at least one more user to Silp. As Co-Founder I was responsible for the product; conceptual and visual development of

Interaction Design Silp Sign up

After candidates sign up through Facebook, they can add more career data. An intelligent mail system triggers users to refine their data to get suitable job suggestions. My experience as an Art Director and eCommerce Interaction Designer (at Namics) let me find solutions with the highest possible conversion rate.

Interaction Design Silp Employer Profile AMAG Interaction Design Silp Employer Profile UniversitätsSpital Zürich Interaction Design Silp Employer Profile Kuoni

Companies present their benefits as employers and their jobs to job seekers. Under the lead of the best salesman in the world, we could win clients like University Hospital Zurich, Kuoni and many other big Swiss companies. I was responsible for the product strategy and all the Visual and Interaction Design. Today, Silp is a profitable company.

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Fotobox product in hand

Idea, Design & Execution

A friend of mine called my Fotobox “the worlds most unportable portable camera” – ha! It’s created for events to let guests take selfies. This photo booth is easy to transport and works without any installation. When the Fotobox is on, the pictures are continuously uploaded to A true chain of Interaction Design.

Fotobox on stone background

Guests can see, save and share their pictures directly on their own smartphones. The Fotobox doesn’t need a wireless lan (it works with a mobile phone network). It was created with an Arduino, an Android camera, some wood and a 3D print from FabLab Lucerne. Getting people to interact is my main goal as an Interaction Designer.

Fotobox picture party one Fotobox picture party two Fotobox picture party three

The Fotobox was used at many events already. Just check the pictures to see how much fun it can be. Take your chance to rent it for your event. You won’t regret it.

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Interaction Design iPhone Drunk? App
Drunk iPhone App

Idea, Interaction & Visual Design

Track your alcohol consumption and calculate your blood alcohol level, based on the Widmark-Formula. I’ve designed the interface of Drunk? iPhone App. Nothing more than a calculator, but Visual and Interaction Design dresses it in an engaging way.

Interaction Design iPhone Drunk? Step Screenshots

After you’ve added your weight and gender, you can start adding up your drinks. A graph shows your estimated blood alcohol level and how it changes over time.

Interaction Design iPhone Drunk? Graph

Interaction Design Instaframe on wall

Idea & Execution

Neubad Lucerne is the former city indoor swimming pool which is now used as a co working space with a restaurant. A building with a lot of life. The Instaframe motivates visitors to take pictures from their experiences and share it on Instagram.

Instaframe explanation work flow

All images tagged with #Neubad on Instagram are shown on the Instaframe. The frame runs on an old notebook with a software connected to the Instagram API and shows the latest picture which was tagged with #Neubad.

Instaframe pictures example one Instaframe pictures example two Instaframe pictures example three

After the placement of the Instagram frame, posts about Neubad have more than doubled – spreading the word about Neubad even further.

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Sirou lamp detail with logo

Brand, Interaction & Visual Design

These wonderful lamps are part of Tobias Amman’s Sirou product line. Reduced form combined with a unique material results in a one-of-a-kind light mood. Tobias hired me as an Interaction Design Freelancer to design the brand and website for his high quality products.

Sirou Interaction Design Landing Page
Sirou Interaction Design Responsive

Three fluid grids present the sirou product line on every device (from smartphone to desktop screen) as attractive as possible.


Some of my work

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How I work

16 years experience

16 years ago I published my first website, at the age of 12. I spent 7 years working at leading web agencies and 4 years as Co-Founder at a successful startup.

Simplicity and focus

Good Interaction Design is a tool to reach business goals, it enables others to easily do what your business needs. Simplicity and focus are core principles for successful interfaces.

Analytical skills

Numbers play a big role in my design process. They are necessary to find potential in an interface and estimate the impact of every single change.


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